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2022 | Base Partner
2016 | Silver Partner
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Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. Created in 1996 from the merger between Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz, we are Switzerland’s largest healthcare company and one of the 25 largest companies by market capitalization globally. Novartis is the only major healthcare company with leadership positions in both patented and generic pharmaceuticals. We are represented by over 118’700 associates in more than 140 countries worldwide with over 13’000 people of more than 100 different nationalities working in Switzerland alone.
In 2015, Novartis has reached almost one billion patients worldwide with its products.
We offer
Our mission is to discover new ways to improve and extend people’s lives. Our vision is to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine.
We use science-based innovation to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues. We discover and develop breakthrough treatments and find new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible. We also aim to provide a shareholder return that rewards those who invest their money, time and ideas in our company.
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