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Blue matter consulting
Blue matter consulting
2023 | Silver Partner
We are
Blue Matter is a strategic consulting firm serving the life sciences industry. We work with some of the most innovative companies and therapies in the world. While we’re committed to excellence, we also foster a People First culture that’s collaborative and supportive, focusing on our team’s well-being and personal growth.
We offer
A steep learning curve working on interesting and challenging projects across our clients’ products, portfolios, and organizations.
Projects from biotechs startups to multinational pharmaceutical corporations.
A Supportive environment to learn and grow, regardless of your skill and knowledge level.
Being empowered to drive your development, own your work, and manage your time from day one.
We support the wellbeing of our employees by reimbursing health-related aspects such as gym membership, sports coaching, or sports equipment.
Cost-matching education initiatives (even if it is not work-related) for your self-improvement.
Hybrid office and home working model (depending on project schedules), with very limited travel requirement (5-10% on average).
A structured onboarding program to help you learn basic consulting skills.
Support for your developmental journey with a Peer-level buddy to help you navigate your way around Blue Matter and share their experiences, as well as a senior-level career coach to support your overall professional development and career progression
We are looking for
At Blue Matter we look for aspiring / veteran Consultants (AC / C / SC) that are scientifically trained (either by experience or academic accomplishments) and have a solid base across all of the following competencies, which are:
Critical Thinker
We would be extra thrilled if you are:
Able to display a mature level of structured thinking
Able to integrate business, industry and academic knowledge towards creating creative solutions
Able to demonstrate direct biopharma industry knowledge and experience
Experienced in client facing environments