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Blaser Swisslube
Blaser Swisslube
2015 | Base Partner
Blaser Swisslube
We are
Blaser Swisslube is a globally active company in the metalworking fluid sector. The independent and familyowned Swiss company was founded in 1936 and has since grown from a small business into a technologically leading global player, employing around 600 people worldwide. Blaser Swisslube is represented in about 60 countries, close to its customers. The company develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids and its customers produce with great success a wide range of products, from the tiniest of parts to large, critical and structural components in all manufacturing industries.
We offer
Our family corporate culture has a long tradition and we preserved it even as a global active company. We aim to create conditions so that every employee can be successful and can involve himself according to his skills. The success of each individual  employee makes our company prosperous. We do everything so our employees are satisfied and engage themselves by their own conviction to achieve our company goals. Our collaboration is based on trust, openmindedness and mutual respect. We believe in own respect and create a big room for manoeuvre, to enable on each level an entrepreneurial thinking and action, which leaves space for unconventional solutions.
We encourage expertise and personal development through continuing education and on the job training. We offer our employees an advanced and attractive working environment.
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