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Silver Partner
Wednesday, 9th November
Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG
Who we are
We are the Specialist for Hazardous, Safety-Critical Chemical Reactions with a strong emphasis on technology-driven Research & Development and Scale-up. A custom manufacturer of APIs and advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical and industrial industries around the globe, we pursue a one-site strategy in Switzerland that covers the full range from lab scale all the way to multi-ton production.
We offer you
Our one-site strategy creates a unique environment that allows for rapid response times to customer inquiries, fast decision taking and on-site production. You will have access to all the plants and equipment where your chemistry will be implemented. We offer flat hierarchies, clear structures, competences, and responsibility in a constructive and open working environment.
We are looking for
We are looking for flexible and committed chemists with a strong team spirit, an entrepreneurial mentality, a sense for initiative, and good communication skills. The ability to work independently and accurately is just as important as your motivation to deliver outstanding results.
// Interview
Matthias Frei

What is your current task at DOTTIKON EXCLUSIVE SYNTHESIS AG?
Broadly speaking, I am responsible for the development, and scale-up of flow-chemistry processes. This encompasses design of instrumentation, collecting and evaluatingexperimental data as well as developing and tuning models which are ultimately applied to design production-scale processes.
How would you describe the working atmosphere at DOTTIKON EXCLUSIVE SYNTHESIS AG?
Overall, very enjoyable. In the research and development department, we have a healthy mix of younger graduates and seasoned process chemists collaborating closely in a very friendly and supportive environment. Of course, there are some stressful periods – I doubt any jobs comes without them – but I have never encountered problems with, or among co-workers.
Which projects and challenges make your job as a chemical engineer interesting?
It's hard to pinpoint a specific topic, as the work is quite stimulating in general. I think the most satisfying part is being able to put a lot of theoretical knowledge into practice and seeing first-hand how well (or sometimes poorly) your theories and models perform in a real plant. I also get to contribute to a wide range of different projects, so the work is far from a daily routine.
Which strengths and capabilities acquired during your PhD are of help now in your current job?
I don't work in the same field as during my thesis anymore, nevertheless, I feel my PhD studies have prepared me well for my current job. Skills I apply daily stem from the process of working within a scientific collaboration. Managing different projects in parallel, working as part of a team, and a great deal of interdisciplinary problem solving are probably among the most important of those. I get to apply a lot of engineering experience I collected in ETH's High-Pressure Lab as well.
Which advice would you give to ETH students who are willing to step out into the world of industry?
It's important to consider how you want to pursue your science and what you are looking for as the outcome of your work. In academia, you'sre usually focussed on a very narrow field but have the opportunity to gain a lot of fundamental understanding. In industry, your research may have less depth, but is much more multifaceted. You'sll have to broaden your horizon a lot, embracing commercial, technical, and environmental challenges as you go along.
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