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Silver Partner
Wednesday, 9th November
Chemgineering Group
Who we are
The Chemgineering Group is a global consulting and planning company focusing on the GxP-regulated environment. From consulting to concept studies to turnkey solutions, we offer the full range of services. We have engineers, process engineers, chemists, pharmacists, biotechnologists and many more specialists from many different fields, our employees also originate from a wide variety of cultures.
We offer you
A high degree of flexibility with regard to organizing working hours
The possibility to work on a mobile basis
Individualized professional training acoording to personal development goals
Regular team and company events
Maintaining an open communication climate and flat hierachies
Attractive social benefits
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We are looking for
Project engineer or Junior consultants, depending on company area. Are you on the verge of getting your science degree, and might you already have gained your first experiences in life sciences so that you now really want to get going? Career starters have found exactly the right place here!
// Interview
Helena Wiemeyer
Project Engineer

What is your main task at Chemgineering? How does a typical workday look like?
As a project engineer I am currently collaborating on a large-scale project. I am responsible for the time and cost controlling of all equipment for the new API manufacturing plant. In addition to this I also have technical tasks for the detail design, construction and commissioning of the centrifuge and the cooling unit. I spent most of my days in our office near Basel, either at my desk or in meetings with the project team. On one or two days per week I meet on-site with the client or visit a supplier.
What makes working at Chemgineering so unique?
Working in a project environment means that my tasks and also the processes, clients and people I interact with change from time to time and I can always learn something new - the most important thing for me. We are around 100 employees in the office in Münchenstein - so you know each other, either from working together or from a BBQ lunch, hiking trip or ski day with colleagues.
How did your internship at Roche shape your interests and curiosity and what did you learn during this time?
During my internship I developed a modelling tool for solid drug manufacturing (granulation, milling, tableting and coating). It was interesting to see drug manufacturing processes from close, to identify which properties are crucial and to come up with a tool that can be used for prediction or to find optimal process parameters. The insights into a large pharma corporation are useful for me still today and have encouraged me to pursue a career in industry.
What are the main challenges that arise in your work?
When deadlines approach or during the construction phase it tends to get stressful and I work longer days. Luckily, my time at ETH has taught me resilience and how to organize myself when I have a lot on my plate. Communication with clients and in an interdisciplinary team can also be challenging at times.
Which advice would you give ETH graduates who embark on the journey from academia to industry?
Follow your interests and maintain the will to learn.
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